Kenke + Trefz

Kenke + Trefz is an artistic duo from Stuttgart, Germany, now based in Sydney, Australia, who have been working collectively since 1998. Ralph Kenke's artistic background lies in photography and visual communication, where as Elmar Trefz's background lies in media art and interaction design. Kenke + Trefz's trajectory is focused on the dissonance between traditional forms of artistic aesthetics and novel forms of expression in interactive art, questioning a new type of reality which they refer to as telematic reality.



National Portrait Gallery, 
Canberra, Australia, 2017  

Campbelltown Arts Centre, 
Australia, 2017 

Testing Grounds, Temporary Infrastructure for Creative Practice, Melbourne, Australia, 2017 

Watt Space Gallery, 
Newcastle, Australia, 2017

Cantabria Central Library, Santander, Cantabria, Spain, 2017

Gallery ULUPUH,
Zagreb, Croatia, 2017

Shintaro Akatsu School of Design, University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA, 2017

Bau, Design College of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, 2017

Galerie Loire, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Nantes, Nantes, France, 2017

Indonesian Design Development Center (IDDC), 
Jakarta, Indonesia, 2017

Typographic Circle 40th anniversary, London, United Kingdom, 2017

Create and Design Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2017

Higashisakura kaikan,
Nagoya, Japan, 2017

Advertising Museum of China, Beijing, People’s Republic of China, 2017 

Signal-Return’s - Power of the Press exhibition, Detroit, Michigan, 2017

HOW Design Live Conference, Chicago, Illinois, 2017


L Spaced Gallery, Toronto, 
Ontario, Canada, 2016

The Cooper Union Gallery ,
New York, USA, 2016

Heiwa-Shigyo Paper Voice, 
Osaka, Japan, 2016

Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technologies (ATypI conference), Warsaw, Poland, 2016

Taiwan Tech, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan, 2016

Central de Diseño de Matadero Madrid, Madrid, Spain, 2016

Mihoncho Honten, 
Tokyo, Japan, 2016

Ecole Visuelle Communication (ECV), Paris, France,  2016

Escola Illa, Sabadell, 
Spain, 2016

Hanoi, Vietnam, 2016

San Diego Convention Center, AdobeMAX, San Diego, 
California, USA, 2016

HCMC Exhibition Gallery, 
Exhibition House, 
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam , 2016

DRUPA Exhibition, 
Dusseldorf, Germany, 2016 

Samwon Paper Gallery, 
Seoul, South Korea, 2016


Digital Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery Canberra, 2017  

Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, 
Finalists, 2017

Zgraf 12 Award, 2016

New York Type Directors 
Club Award, 2015

Musums Australian Multimedia & Publication Awards (MAPDA), 2014

Create Design Awards, 
Shortlisted, 2013

New York Type Directors 
Club Award, 2013

Australian Design Biennale, AGDA Award, 2012

Emergentes Award, 
Finalists, 2010


135 Curlewis Street Sydney, NSW 2026